Jeffrey Gurian On How To Heal Your Heart by Changing Your Mind

On today’s episode I sit down with Jeffrey Gurian to discuss his book ‘How to Heal Your Heart by Changing Your Mind.’ During our discussion, Jeffrey also talks about his days writing comedy for some of the worlds most famous comics, how he once wanted to date Joann Rivers and so much more. Jeffrey is […]

Jennifer Tracy – Author & Host of the MILF Podcast

Jennifer Tracy

Today next to me is the amazing Jennifer Tracy from the MILF (Moms I’d Like to Follow) Podcast. Jennifer talks about her journey with postpartum depression that led to the creation of her podcast. She is also an amazing writer and has worked with some of the top TV and Film writers to help them […]

Behind the Scenes with Deidre Scaramucci aka Mrs. Mooch

On today’s episode I sit down with Deidre Scaramucci to discuss her past financial career, the scandal that rocked her marriage, how her and her husband (The Mooch) came back together and are now stronger than ever, why she doesn’t want to be part of the Real Housewives and so much more!!