The Importance of Diversity in the Workplace & How It Directly Impacts Profits

On this episode I am joined by the founder and CEO of DTA Diversity Counts Diane Ashley to discuss the importance of diversity in the workplace and government. During our discussion Diane breaks down why this is so important and that diversity isn’t just about race, sexual orientation or religion, but also diversity of thought […]

The Fed Policies Inflating Markets & The Rise of Cryptocurrency

On this episode I am joined by a Wall Street financial businessman Scott Celander to discuss the Fed, the rise of cryptocurrency, the stock market, inflation and so much more. This episode is a must listen to find out what is going on and how you can get in the game to profit from the […]

The World of Private Investigation with Elite Investigator Andy Kay

Andy Kay is a world renowned private investigator. He works with Hollywood celebrities, Fortune 500 companies and more. During our conversation, he breaks down the world of private investigation and when you should hire one. Many think P.I.’s are just for crimes or extramarital affairs, but it is so much more than that. He also […]

How to Find Your Passion Through Detox with Author & Businesswoman Parul Agrawal

Could a detox be the key to finding your passion? On this episode, I sit down with author and businesswoman Parul Agrawal. Parul is an expert in digital media and publishing helping entrepreneurs build and scale their business. She has also given successful TedTalks and published books helping guide people on their path to discover […]

Inside the World of Wrongful Convictions with Documentary Filmmaker Jia Wertz

On this episode I am joined by documentary filmmaker Jia Wertz who discusses the world of wrongful convictions and her recent film ‘Conviction’ available on Amazon. Jia became passionate about this cause after reading Rubin Carter’s ‘The Sixteenth Round.’ She then began listening to the Serial podcast and knew it was her purpose in life […]